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Custom Order Drawing & Planning

A unique design made for you. Anoraks Design Market offers a range of custom-made graphic works: hand-written typography, logos and illustration.
The graphics can be applied for a production of T-shirts, tote bags, flyers, stickers, wedding and birthday novelties. For your gift and business tools we consult the whole process from design to production with our trustful partners.

Taichi Furukawa will be in charge of each client communications and hand-crafted design. The fee starts from ¥30,000, on which let us start a conversation on the creative process.

Make creativity closer, happiness of every day with design!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

October 10th 2019
Taichi Furukawa, Anoraks Design Market

Anoraks Design Marketでは、どなた様でも、手描きでのタイポグラフィーやロゴデザイン、イラストなど、世界で一つのオリジナルデザインを制作致します。

Anoraks Design Marketでは、完成したオリジナルのデザインから、Tシャツやトートバッグ、フライヤーやステッカー、WEDDINGやBIRTHDAY、大事なあの人へのプレゼント、様々なアイテム製作の相談、データの入稿から、Anoraksが信頼を置く業者様への発注、アイテムの製作における全てをAnoraks Design Marketにて承ります。



Anoraks Design Marketスタートします。

Taichi Furukawa | 古川太一

First Design ¥30,000-
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